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Desiree Ross Ministries truly exemplifies prophetic and declarative ministry of dance. When you participate with a DRM event or Hiz Breath’s ministry, you will not leave the same!  KING JESUS is truly glorified!!!  Mama Des (as we call her) is genuine, loving, powerful in Christ, and has a heart for the next generation of not just dancers and mimer’s, but all worshippers!  I’m SO excited about what GOD is doing with His dancers and the world of dance ministry, and grateful for the place that DRM has in what He is doing. And I’m glad to be a part of the family!

- Geoffrey Golden
Sunday’s Best Winner
  Cleveland, OH
What a blessing to know Desiree Ross. I met this woman of God in 1996 and we hit it off right away. She was the one that drew my daughters to praise dancing at Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. She has been a warrior though many life obstacles and yet has stayed true to her calling as an anointed and appointed worshipper in dance and mime. She is able to be a creative warrior as she breaks the strongholds in her life and others through this ministry. She is committed to teaching children and adults of all ages.  I have been in her conferences and workshops and have first-hand insight of the love and sweat she puts into drawing the people to dance, but mostly into their understanding that they are worshipping God. She has been invited to my Sisters of Valor Conferences on several occasions. She has been a lecturer and taught Interpretive Mime classes. It has been and still is amazing to see the windows of opportunity for her to go and flow throughout the world.
- Servant Leader, Dr. Annette M. West
LivingWord International Ministry
 Sumter, SC
Minister Desiree Ross has been an exceptional mentor ever since I met her in 2015. I’ve learned so much from her over these past two years, it feels like we have known each other for forever. Especially since she has shared some of her most memorable ministry moments, and personal life struggles that she has overcame which has encouraged me as a leader to “keep pressing” when ministry, and life seems overwhelming.  Her love for others, her passion for ministry and her obedience to randomly sow seeds into those who God tells her to sow into are just a few examples of how her ministry and leadership skills operate. She loves hard (with the elbow), and pushes you beyond your expectations and your limits. I can honestly say that I have grown as a leader being under her leadership.

I had the chance to have Mrs. Desiree help teach at our Mime Conference in Charlotte NC, and I can testify and say that God shifted some things around and Mrs. Desiree flowed as God instructed her to minister to people. It’s one thing to go to a Mime or Dance Conference, learn choreography, dance, then go home. But when God shifts and tells you to pray, lay hands, and speak purpose into those who feel worthless, Mrs. Desiree did just that.”
- Reggie Mutz
True Refuge Mime Ministry
Lincolnton, NC
I met Desiree Ross and Hiz Breath ministry several years ago; I have seen her ministry grow so much. Her passion, seriousness to what the Lord has demanded for her to do is tangible. She is determined to do what is right by God. If anyone wants a serious, Godly ministry to teach their church ministry, Hiz Breath is definitely a ministry that is going to teach your church group the teaching, abilities and character to do so. Hiz Breath ministry is a great tool to grow any dance church's ministry. I will definitely support and recommend Desiree Ross.
- Pastor Grisselle Perez
High Point, NC
(Puerto Rico)

I have seen mime at many different times but never worked with someone that mimes very close. My first time working with someone close regarding Mime Ministry with Min Ross when she came to Holland (Europe) to teach at a conference. As a liturgical dancer, the mime session helped me to express my dance ministry even more. I have been so blessed to know and work with her. I believe that she a ground breaker in the Mime Ministry. She will open door for others to come in this ministry that the world does not understand or sometimes not even except yet. May God continue to bless each ministry and allow God to be the solid foundation of each ministry.
- Marilu Susanna
Holland, Curacao


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